Travelling to São Tomé

Airlines have cut their prices to meet the competition - and have made it possible to travel to São Tomé much easier from all corners of the globe and for less money than ever.

All companies that flies to São Tomé: TAP Portugal, STPairways, TAAG, CEIBA, Africa aviation, Africa connection


By Air from Europe

  • Via Lisbon, Portugal with TAP Portugal and STPairways (for connections from all over Europe and United States)

TAP Portugal operates connecting flights to São Tomé via Lisbon. Through its Star Alliance members, TAP links many parts of the world directly to São Tomé. 

STP Airways, saotomean's  national carrier, operates connecting .....


By Air from Africa mainland

You may also possibly fly to São Tomé from your regional airport:

  • Via Luanda, Angola with TAAG (for connections from South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique)
  • Via Praia, Cape Verd, with TAAG (for connections from West Africa - Senegal, Europe)
  • Via Malabo, Equatorial Guinea,with CEIBA (connects with Spain, Europe, United States and Gulf of Guinea)
  • Via Libreville, Gabon, with CEIBA and Gabon Air (Connects with France, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Morocco & Gulf of Guinea Countries)
  • Via Accra, Ghana, with TAP Portugal (Connects with Western African Countries most European Capitals, United States - Denver and New York)