About us

VISITSAOTOME.COM stand for quality tourism in Sao Tome and Principe.

VISITSAOTOME is the communications agency for tourism in the Sao Tome and Principe-Capital; its aim is to promote and strengthen the image of the capital.

We ensure that the information you need is available and also provide those services you need to make your holiday or visit to São Tome and Principe so much easier. Our aim is to promote the islands of Sao Tome and Principe as one of the world's most fascinating country.


- to motivate professionals

  • Tour Operators, to think of Sao Tome as an essential destination when visiting Africa (The soft introdution to the continent)
  • journalists, by giving them material for fascinating articles
  • conference organisers, by highlighting the talent of Sao Tome for business tourism and by finding with them the meeting, accommodations and service locations they dream of

- to design and produce internet sites, brochures, products and items that make people want to be in Sao Tome  to make known the rich heritage of the city and the pleasure of living ’leve leve style’
- to organise or support the major festive, cultural or sports events that make Sao Tome a city where something is always happening 

Travel Offers on visitsaotome.com:

All of our travel services such as Group Travel, Individual Hiking Trips, Individual Tours, customized trips, as well as Domestic Flights and Accommodations are conducted by the local agencies that we have selected (according to our strict criteria). As soon as you send an inquiry, the agency's that we have chosen will contact you directly (usually within a max. of 24 hours on business days).

Above all, the following mandatory quality characteristics are important to us in the selection:

* As much experience as possible (min. of 5-10 years) in the travel sector on São Tomé and Príncipe
* Speak English, Portuguese and french
* Effective and fast customer service
* Information updated at the least annually and constantly revised offers
* And, of course, attractive prices – you will receive local prices or even walk-in prices for accommodations!

CP501, Sao Tome city
Sao Tome and Principe
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