Sao Tome Hotels

Booking your Sao Tome hotel: Where to Stay

There is a interesting offer of accommodation to choose from in Sao Tome island, from basic familly run guesthouses to mid-range hotels and plantation guesthouses, and you can be sure to find one within your budget.

Prices are still cheaper than in most other African capitals, and booking online gives you deep discounts. Breakfast is usually included in the price, with most serving a continental breakfast, and in the case of upmarket hotels, a buffet. For more information on individual hotels, see our lists below, and to check for availability, use the following form:

18th century plantations turned into charming Pousadas

The Pousadas concept represent an exclusive network of special hotels located throughout Sao Tome and Principe, in 18th century cocoa and coffe plantation mansion houses (called Roças) and places of special natural beauty. Their design and decor evoke the historic atmosphere of the monument (including period-style furniture, tapestries, paintings, etc.). WATCH VIDEO watch video

They are considered real treasures of Sao Tome and Principe history and aim to offer a unique form of accommodation recognised for outstanding ecotourism experiences, where a warm welcome and personal service awaits every guest.
See the list of Pousadas below for further information and booking options.


Chosing the best hotel for your:

 TOP 4 & 5 STARS: Pestana São Tomé | Omali Lodge | Pestana Equador Resort | Club Santana Resort | Miramar Hotel | Praia Hotel

CITY HOTEL & GUESTHOUSES: Residencial Avenida | Hotel Agosto Neto | Cocoa Residence | Hotel Bigodes | Sweet Guesthouse | São Pedro Guest house

POUSADAS & PLANTATION HOTELS: Pousada Roça São João | Pousada Roça Bombaim | Mukumbli | Praia Inhame Ecolodge | Jalé Ecolodge